Our hygiene concept.

The protection of all guests, employees and external parties such as craftsmen and suppliers is our absolute priority. Measures for implementation before reopening and during hotel operation based on the applicable General Ordinance of the Free State of Saxony from 10.06.2021.

Reopening on 01.07.2021

Scope: All areas and employees (abbreviated MA) of the hotel for an indefinite period.
Update: 09/06/2021
Hygiene Officer: Lukas Petzold

If you have any questions about our hygiene concept or are concerned about something around your stay, please speak to us directly on site or contact us by 0341 -30384 – 0 or via hello@arthotelcity.com


  • In the entire building we point our guests with appropriate signs and pictograms to the applicable distance rules and hygiene protection measures. Specifically, this is done at all entrances & exits, in the restaurant, on each floor in front of the elevators and in the stairwell, in the elevators and on the in-room tablets.
  • In the elevators at the same time a maximum of 3 people may ride in compliance with the minimum distance.
  • Disinfection racks are available at the entrances and exits as well as on the individual floors.
  • The separation of entrances and exits is made by appropriate markings.
  • Areas in which generally with a higher volume is expected (including in front of the reception, in front of the elevators, etc.), are marked by appropriate distance markings.
  • The furniture in our lobby has been reduced to allow the minimum distance of 1.50m between seats.
  • Documentation of the symptom-free status of all MAs is done daily at the start of service by their signature.


  • To keep the risk of infection low for our MAs, the reception will only be staffed by one person at a time. Should there be waiting times as a result, we ask for your understanding.
  • The handovers between the individual shifts will be kept as short as possible. All relevant information will be handed over digitally, without having to handle unnecessary paper for this purpose.
  • Each MA is responsible for handing over the keyboard, mouse and other used work equipment disinfected to the next MA.
  • For the protection of our employees and guests, the reception desk is equipped with Plexiglas walls.
  • All room cards are disinfected after each use. This is of course done likewise with all pens, documents, etc. .
  • If possible, we would like to ask you to make your payment cashless or already provide us with your credit card details in advance.
  • After check-out, you will receive from us only on explicit request a printed invoice on paper. Standardized the invoice dispatch to the deposited email address.
  • City maps are available on request.
  • All necessary information on opening hours of museums, excursion tips and the like can be found on the in-room tablets and on the information stele in the lobby. This is cleaned and disinfected every hour.
  • We have removed all magazines and books in our lobby. In our restaurant you will find tablets with the latest issues of various daily newspapers. The tablets are also disinfected after each use.
  • According to the current regulations in Saxony, we offer a mix of buffet and a la carte service. The buffet areas have been enlarged to avoid queues. Likewise, sneeze guards have been placed everywhere as well as the distances in front of the buffet lines have been marked. The serving trays are replaced at regular intervals and disinfected.
  • Between the tables we pay attention of course to the prescribed minimum distance.
  • Before the restaurant entrance is also a disinfectant dispenser.
  • The cleaning of dishes, cutlery, glasses, etc. is done at 96 ° C and thus guarantees an appropriate killing of all germs.
  • Once a table has been left by guests, it is cleaned with disinfectant.
  • You will not find salt and pepper shakers on the tables. If you need them, please contact our service staff.
  • Please keep your wardrobe directly with you at the table.

Housekeeping/room cleaning

  • A cleaning schedule specially adapted to the current requirements is meticulously implemented by our staff
  • In the rooms, all writing utensils are dispensed with. Everything you need you get on request gladly at our reception.
  • The dirty laundry from the departure rooms is collected and stored directly in the designated areas professionally, without this guests could come into contact with the laundry trolleys.
  • The cleaning interval in the entire house was increased. All handles, handrails, public toilets, as well as storage areas are cleaned and disinfected every hour.
  • For stays with more than 1 night, the cleaning interval is reduced to every 2 days, so we protect you and our employees from possible infections. Fresh towels and cosmetics you get of course on request at the reception.


  • All office MAs are encouraged to work on a staggered schedule or to perform their work in a home office. Due to the digitization strategy, which we pursue in the entire house already since relaunch 2018, the appropriate conditions for this are given to all MAs.
  • The employees are also instructed to observe the distance rules in the offices.
  • All work equipment such as PCs, etc. are used as far as possible person-related.
  • Meetings & meetings are to be held by video or telephone conference as far as possible.
  • Common offices shall be ventilated every half hour.
  • All communication to customers, suppliers, government agencies, etc. shall be done digitally or by telephone as much as possible.

All departments

  • All MA of the Art Hotel City Leipzigs have received instruction on the currently applicable behavior, distance and hygiene rules and protective measures.
  • Hands are regularly washed or disinfected.
  • Protective masks and gloves are sufficiently provided by the hotel for all MA.
  • Grouping is avoided.
  • If it is possible for employees, they should already appear on duty in service dress without having to use the locker rooms. In general, the locker rooms may be used by a maximum of 2 people at the same time.
  • Break times are equalized. The staff meal is offered longer, max. 2 people may be in the recreation room at the same time.
  • Work clothes will be taken to the cleaners daily after wearing.
  • Notices and posters on hygiene rules in several languages are also clearly visible to all MAs in the staff area.
  • All previous rules and regulations (HACCP, etc.) of course retain their validity.